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Why Specify Superior Radiant Products?

UXR Series Tube Heater with Sealed Burner Housing

NOTE: The following criteria for specifying Superior Radiant Products is an outline from a presentation to those who specify Infrared heating systems - primarily mechanical engineers. You may wish to use this as a basis for making comparisons to other infrared manufacturers.

Five compelling reasons for making Superior Radiant your master specification

I. Superior offers the broadest selection and range of infra-red systems and capabilities:

  1. Premier VS vacuum-fired in-line burner systems in condensing, non-condensing as well as single stage, on demand and dual output capabilities.

  2. UA/UX, UXR,TA/TX, LA/LX, LTA/LTX, UAG Series tube heaters.

  3. BTU ranges from 40,000 to 220,000 BTUH in lengths from 10’ to 80’

  4. SD Series High intensity infra-red heaters.

II. Superior quality:

  1. Powder coated 18 ga. galvanized steel control box with easy accessibility to controls via drop-down service cover. Ease of servicing.

  2. Heat-treated aluminized steel tube emitters for corrosion resistance and high emissivity.

  3. Rigid 24 ga. aluminum reflectors supported with heavy-duty reflector hangars and supports. Superior tube heaters look good because they’re made good.

III. Superior Technology:

  1. 100% radiant efficient reflectors – the best in the industry! Other manufacturers reflector efficiencies of 70% or lower. So where does all that excess energy go? It collects beneath the reflector and converts to wasted convective losses at the ceiling and produces higher clearance to combustible requirements.

  2. Burner cup positioned off center to reduce flame impingement on top of tube emitter and produce a long pencil flame – increases life of tube and generates better heat uniformity.

  3. Controls are located out of the air stream of the system, thereby eliminating control contamination and increasing control life and performance.

IV. Superior Warranty:

  1. 3 years on controls and 10 years on emitter tubing – the best in the industry!

V. Local full-service factory representative:

  1. Infra-Red Products Supply stocks a complete range of Superior tube heaters, burners, parts and components in Draper, Utah.

  2. Time-saving design and engineering help.

  3. In business since 1986.

Boxes of tubes, reflectors and hardware

Superior Radiant manufactures the most complete range of products compared to any

other infra-red manufacturer. The Premier VS vacuum system is so versatile it can be designed for condensing or non-condensing operation, with 1, 2, 3, or 4 in-line burners in one radiant leg. The UA/UX series is the “workhorse” in the product line, while the TA/TX series offers two-stage capability for enhanced comfort and better heat recovery. The LA/LX series is designed for low ceiling applications and the UXR series is specifically made for outdoor and corrosive

environments. The GR series is a packaged “U” tube heater with a concentric flue, approved for use in residential, outdoor and commercial applications. SD series high intensity heaters are ideal for spot heating.

Superior Radiant has a reputation for reliability and performance, making it the brand of choice among installers and servicemen. Even when other brands fail, contractors rely on Superior Radiant components to repair or upgrade outdated, inferior or warn-out tube heating systems made by other manufacturers.

One of the most common upgrade requests we have is for car wash bays. Where other manufacturers fail over a short period of time, Superior Radiant UXR series tube heaters (shown at top of page) are designed to withstand wet and corrosive environments and are requested more than any other brand. That Superior Radiant is preferred in such corrosive areas speaks for itself.

When visiting job sites, the eye becomes immediately drawn to the fact that Superior Radiant tube heaters appear straighter, more rigid and overall more substantial looking than other brands. The reason for that is simple - Superior reflectors are more rigid, the hangars are heavier, the couplings are stronger and the control box is heavier duty. The benefit to building owners is a system that looks good while providing unparalleled performance, reliability and longevity.

It’s a matter of education. Not all infra-red manufacturers are equal. Specify the brand with the highest standards of quality, technology and efficiency – let the others follow.

For further information and help in specifying, Please contact:

Scott Workman at Infra-Red Products Supply, Inc.

801-571-0036 (T).


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