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Outdoor Restaurant & Patio

Habanero Two Stage Patio Heater in Utah, Idaho, California, Arizona


Specially designed heaters for residential, restaurant and hospitality heating applications.


Habanero infrared patio heater in the U.S.

HAB Series Habanero Patio Heater

When it comes to performance, no other vent free high intensity infrared heater compares. In fact, the Habanero can heat up to 124% more area compared to competitors. 

ETS Series Slimline Patio Tube Heater

The ETS Slimline is an attractive tube heater for residential, restaurant and hospitality uses. Comes in 9', 12' and 15' lengths and has Hi – Lo capability on a two-stage control. Learn More

IRE ETS ETSV Black Finish.png
EvenGlo Portable Natural Gas Upright Patio Heater
EvenGlo portable propane mushroom patio heater
EvenGlo portable propane patio heater

GA Series Upright and Hanging Patio Heaters

Unlike conventional upright heaters, which utilize a "drum-type" burner head, the GA uses a double reflector torchere burner. Combined with a "big daddy" reflector, the GA heats 58% more are than the next best competitor.

Freestanding Propane

Nat. or LP Gas Fixed, Portable and Hanging

HSRR40SPNG/HSRR40SPLP Hanging Patio Heater

The HSRR Restaurant patio heater is designed to hang below covered patio areas in restaurants, bars and residential applications. 30,000 to 40,000 BTU's. Decorative grate for wind protection.

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