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Residential Garage


40,000 & 60,000 BTU models approved for residential garages.


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Superior Radiant (brand) UAG Series Residential Garage Tube Heater

This high efficiency tube heater is residential approved in the following heater sizes:

10' 40,000 BTU

15' 40,000 or 60,000 BTU

20' 40,000 or 60,000 BTU

The UAG series heater comes with all heat treated aluminized steel tube emitters (no hot-rolled steel) and a 100% efficient reflector - the best in the industry!

This heavy-duty heater offers the same construction quality and reliability our commerical heaters. The only difference? It has a residential approval rating and label for use in garages that are attached to the house.


Read Why Choose Superior Radiant to learn more about what makes Superior the best choice in technology, performance, and reliability.

Enerco H25N, HS25N, H22L, HS22L vent free infrared residential garage heater

Enerco (Heatstar) H25N or H22L Vent Free Garage Heater

This vent free gas infrared heater is approved for residential garages and small shops

Model H25N  (Natural Gas)  25,000 BTU's

Model H22L  (Propane Gas) 22,000 BTU's

Heater comes with wall mount bracket, thermostat and thermostat wireEasy to install. Just bolt bracket to the wall, hanging the heater from the bracket, run thermostat wire, and connect the thermostat. Millivolt control means no electricity is required.

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